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Kubomura Food Advisory Consultants Japan Food Innovation 久保村食文化研究所

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Dear My friends,


How time flies, here we are already nearly half way through October, which makes it less than 100 days to Christmas!
We are experiencing unseasonal weather in Tokyo, the gigantic columns of clouds we normally see at this time of year have already been and gone. Summer went by quickly and it wasn’t the long hot humid summer we are normally used to. Though we did experience some humidity which makes life uncomfortable, thank goodness for air conditioners. Since September it has been really nice and cool which is the kind of weather the bell cricket enjoys as well. Crops are in abundance with lots of fruit and rice.
Please take care of yourselves if you are experiencing a hot summer, it can be very draining and makes you feel exhausted, keep well hydrated and rested.
The photo together … Downtown King his name is Ninnosuke at entrance of tofu shop The flower is autumn spider lily





I can’t believe it but my little office has now reached its 25th anniversary! I wanted to move from my current office address to a modern and higher floor location close to the water front in the Bay of Tokyo. But I decided to stay as I am, I am close to events being held in downtown Tokyo and at times it has such a festive feel. In the town of Ningyo cho they hold a Ceramic market in the first week of August (the hottest time of summer). It was raining this year during the market. There was so much beautiful china and I just had to buy some (of course). I know the stall owners very well these days and we always say to each other “see you next year”.
Last May I held two lectures at a large event held by Japan Food Chemical Newspaper there were over 30000 attendees? It was standing room only! Everyone was keen to learn what is “new” in the food ingredients and additives environment as they start to develop new products for the market.




During IFIA Japan I received a special award from the IFT Japan Section who were celebrating their 65th anniversary. It has been almost 10 years since I was elected IFT Fellow so I was deeply proud and very emotional to receive this award from the Japan Section. IFT has good cooperation between industrial enterprises and universities in Japan. It’s been 30 years since I started to be involved in the academia world, I was the only woman and I decided to become totally independent. I am sure you will remember my telling you I was the first employed woman who was married and who had also graduated university.
At that time the percentage of IFT women members were very small, it has now increased after 20 years to almost 65% in USA. In Japan things are changing but it is slow progress, we are very conservative.
But …I must tell you, I have recently acquired the title of “University Professor” as I have been teaching food science to universities in Japan for some time now. I was very surprised to receive the title as I come from the Food Industry which is very different from the University Professor environment and added to that the fact I am a woman. It is such an honor for me to teach there and to receive this title.
Each year I have visited IFT USA, it has now been 30 years. I have made many wonderful friends over the years and have been able to keep a fix on changes/trends in supermarkets and food courts. I have brought many ideas back to Japan with great enthusiasm. I have managed to start (through my clients) over 1000 new items to the market.





When I visit foreign countries, I enjoy eating everything Gourmet, I am definitely a “Lover of Fine Food” … Of course wherever I visit I want to try everything, all sorts of different things. I have visited California for 17 days; San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. In every place I love to see the kitchen shops like William Sonoma at San Francisco … there was magnificent shop with a penthouse for a kitchen school, also I really like to see the latest kitchen tools available. In Japan kitchen shops are a different concept and tend to focus on what young trendy women want.





Every time I visit San Francisco, I love to eat their fresh oysters whilst sitting out watching the Pacific Ocean. When I visit Paris, I squeeze Mediterranean lemon or wine vinegar with shallots on my oysters. This last visit I tried coriander flavouring added to the seasoning of my fresh oysters. It was fantastic and a new flavor to try with oysters. I also noticed a new trend in San Francisco of adding hot red chilli pepper bottles to tables so you could add this flavor to your oysters as well. Naturally I enjoyed eating far too many (18 pieces) fresh oysters with a pretty dry white Californian wine.
My expertise is in Savory Flavor so it is a happy surprise when I find a new flavor I haven’t tried before. There seems to be a huge diversification by the soft drinks companies in the US to fresh organic juices, freshly squeezed etc.




Japan is also changing to a more healthy approach to drinks. Most of our drinks are tea based which is quite different to the US. We can add more functional ingredients to teas very easily. Our soft drinks on the other hand that are sugar free with added dietary fibre seem to have poor taste and appear glue like in their texture which I think is down to the dextrin used.
During IFT Las Vegas, I enjoyed visiting various restaurants and food courts where there were many tourists. Even though it was such a hot and arid place, it was easy to be able to get the highest quality food stuffs, there must be a very efficient transportation system so food arrives in fantastic, fresh condition.


I invited my great friend Gloria to visit the Picasso restaurant which was decorated with many Picasso paintings, outside there is a big lake. It was so strange watching a water fountain in the desert! I heard that the inside decorations of the Picasso restaurant is the best in the world. I asked chief chef Julian Serrano if we could visit his kitchen. It was overflowing with all kinds of kitchen equipment. I was impressed with how the kitchen looked like a battle scene, but it was so clean!! I have visited the Picasso museum in Paris so this restaurant was a highlight. We had wine from the huge tower wine selection and enjoyed Premium Beef Filet Mignon! Fantastic!




Currently our science topic is fermented foods.
Every day I mix by stirring a pickles base which helps to support the balance of anaerobic bacteria in the gut. My mother gave me the pickles starter when I got married to my husband …how many years ago now? My mother made it in 1945.



If you have a chance to come to Japan, please let me know.
I’d love to introduce you to our traditions …and wonderful Japanese foods.
Beautiful Taste!
Good Taste…Health…Good day!
Looking forward to seeing you again,
With love and Foods,


Kiyoko R. Kubomura




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