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Our staff and Associates

a) Kiyoko Ruth Kubomura ;Managing Director

Kiyoko Kubomura is president and founder of Kubomura Food Advisory Consultants (KFAC). She has many years of experience and her expertise is well respected within the food industry of Japan as well as internationally. Kiyoko has a very active business in Japan and keeps constant contact with and providing assistance to clients and associates overseas through affiliations with common organizations.

Kiyoko has achieved a unique combination of professional credentials in Japan’s male oriented society, obtaining a Ph.D., degree and postgraduate study in business (in addition to her B.S. in Food Science). She was elected an IFT Fellow and is the first business woman from an Asian country to achieve this.

Kiyoko has chosen her own profession rather than the traditional Japanese way of following in her family footsteps and she is considered a pioneer and role model for her successes as a Food Technologist in the food industry.

Early on in her career she could see the potential and opportunity in the Japanese food industry and has acted as an innovator and advisor for government food safety programmes.

Through her 25 years of professional training, development of products, market research and process development she has managed to support various US, and EU food companies. Using her technical (food science and nutrition) and culinary backgrounds she has also developed and improved “home style” recipes to be able to incorporate them into industrial formulations for processed foods. With her assistance clients have been able to obtain patents for their products. Generally speaking she works with major companies using science to achieve the development of successful products for her clients.

Professional Societies;

Kiyoko Kubomura is a member of the following professional societies She holds three Japanese government licenses for Cookery, Nutrition, Confectionery Sanitation.

  • Institute of Food Technologist Fellow & various committees
  • Institute of Food Technologists Japan Section executive committee
  • American Cereal Chemical Association; She was the first woman from Asia to be appointed by ACCA as an international executive councillor. Her work involved stabilizer agents (starches and sugar products)
  • American Dietetic Association
  • Official Japanese government translator in foods. With her registered dietetics license and her Food science background, she assisted the Japanese government in developing the FOSHU (Food for Specified Health Use) regulation.
  • Asian Future Health Network, Professional Member;
  • Association of Chinese Health Food
  • Association of Szechwan Cooking
  • Chinese Cooking Association
  • Europe Global Food Profession, Professional Member
  • Journal of Food Science for Food Technology; Editorial Board Member
  • Japan Flavor and Aroma Society, Professional Member
  • Japan Food Profession, Chair
  • Japan Food Science for Food Technology
  • Japan Institute of Industrial Foods
  • Japanese Cook’s Association
  • Japanese Cooking (Culinary) Full Membership
  • Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research
  • Kansai Cook’s (Culinary) Association
  • Teacher’s Association of Health Food Science
  • The Society of Japanese Cooking
  • The Society of Western Culinarian Full Membership
    She was the first woman from the food industry to join as a professional member and was honoured with the bronze medal in 2004.
b) Associates

Backing the services of KFAC is a team of 6 cross sector senior Japanese food executives to give a wide spectrum of specialist expertise in products markets ,technology ,food safety and regulation .


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