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Key Focus Areas

  • R & D Liasons with Japanese Companies particularly in the Functional and Healthy Food (including FOSHU) areas. Solution oriented cross sector collaborations.
  • New product and process development in dairy, flavourings, snack, confectionary and beverage sectors.
  • Client company introductions,Trade Mission Progams and international collaborations.
  • Food regulatory compliance including labelling and issue resolution.

Japan is the place of the Mediterranean diet, which includes ideal foods for good health that suit our long food culture. Ethic foods include many functional and nutritional benefits. In the 16th Century, during the period of great sea voyages many Europeans came to Japan.

Marco Polo reported that Japan Had many images made of gold when he saw fields seasonal cereals, especially ripened rice…it seemed to him to shine like gold. Europeans brought many new vegetables and spices to Asia, as well as different ways of cooking. To this way we still keep several European cooking methods like Tempura.

After WW II Americans brought improved nutritional benefits to Japan, because at that time we certainly needed better nutrition. Skimmed milk was included in schoolchildren’s lunches which gave much needed calcium. Calcium intake is necessary to effectively counter osteoporosis.

For many reason Japanese food is very healthy. We Japanese are very skilful in adopting worldwide technical trends for processed and nutritional foods. Japan is also the leader of health and functional foods like FOSHU (Food for Specified Health Use)


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