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Kubomura Food Advisory Consultants (KFAC) specializes in food and food related technologies, focusing on the Japanese food market.

President Kiyoko Kubomura, a seasoned veteran in the Japanese food industry is supported by other leading experts. This team of specialists has established a successful network in the food industry with their direct experience, enabling them to assist clients in the most effective efficient manner.

Although located in the heart of the food industry business area of Tokyo, KFAC has associated consultants in Europe, South Africa and most Pacific Rim countries. KFAC’s client base is diverse, ranging from Fortunate 700 food manufacturers to leading franchise operations and technology based venture start ups.

Because KFAC specialize exclusively in the food industry it is widely regarded as the premier consultancy for the Japanese food industry. Nearly 1000 new product items will be have been developed with the support of KFAC.!

KFAC offer scientific advice and support on a global scale for issues of regulatory affairs for Japanese companies who wish to enter international markets.

Service available

  • Japanese market entry assistance with support through regulatory affairs
  • Market Research and Feasibility Analysis
  • Business Development and Joint Ventures
  • Food Engineering and Technical Consulting
  • Regulatory Compliance and Quality Control
  • Food Production

Categories Available

  • Prepared Foods
  • Food Regulations
  • Food Ingredients
  • Geriatric Foods
  • Food Additives (obtaining approval into the Japanese market)
  • Fast Foods
  • Food Diagnosticss
  • Industrial Foods
  • Nutritional and Functional Foods
  • Food Flavoring

Also menu development for the Food Service Industry (family restaurants)

Specialized Areas

  • Food Technology
  • Food Flavouring, Ingredients and Additives
  • Food Cooking and Production
  • Food Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Food Diagnostics
  • Food Sales and Marketing
  • FOSHU (Functional Foods)
  • Food Nutrition and Supplements

KFAC can design services to meet their client’s specific needs. Their fee structure system allows for maximum flexibility, including, hourly fee-based; success-fee –based and royalty–based.

Managing Director Kubomura has published articles through several major media outlets for quite some years and advises on latest trends and news from around the world and in Japan, including information on Japanese food, culture and traditions.


Following are a few examples of KFAC’s projects;

  • Completed a market investigation and feasibility analysis for a major food manufacture to determine several appropriate entry strategies into the Japanese market, including identifying potential joint venture partners.
  • Assisted major international franchise operation with adjusting and optimizing the flavoring and ingredients for local taste requirement.
  • Provided technical assistance in the development of flavorings for a large ramen (Japanese instant noodles) company for its new product line.
  • Supported international legal law firm in regard to regulatory issues.
  • Consulted with a large multi-national firm regarding market trends, government regulations and dietary issues to support the development and implementation of a business plan for the Japanese market.
  • Held training seminars about the new regulations surrounding HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), for several food production companies.
  • Supplied market and technology analysis, including preparation of manuscripts and articles, for several large Japanese food publications
  • Consulted with R&D, marketing and strategy into global market


Product development

New product development from idea generation, project design, development and feasibility studies ,sample testing and key customer evaluation, to ingredient and product sourcing and commercial production.

Productivity improvement

In depth production and process analysis with the aim of value improvement and cost reductions.

Health & quality control

Needs assessment for enhanced food safety, product quality and comprehensive HACCP planning.

Training & development

Independent education and training provider to meet the needs of ever expanding skill sets required by employees of food industry organizations.

Business supporting for complaint customers

Food safety and regulatory compliance assessment, advice and issue resolution. FOSHU and health claim labelling guidance.

Information service

Food industry company and sector analysis, market research and competitive landscape reporting.


Specialised services outside the above can be offered either on a project or ongoing consultancy basis.


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