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Extensive contributions to enhancing the professional community both in Japan and abroad through writing and editing including some of the following publications:

  • Cereal Foods World (AACC International),
  • Convenience Foods author
  • Food Engineering and Food Engineering International,
  • Food Engineering International,
  • Food Manufacture, UK
  • International Food Ingredients, UK
  • Japan Food & Science
  • Japan Food Chemical News
  • Japan Food Journals
  • Japan Health Journals
  • Prepared Foods Magazine
  • The World of Food Ingredients, Netherlands
  • Food Technology magazine

She has built an extensive network through Japanese, US( USDA), EU governmental agencies & enterprise, and various food companies.

Her area of expertise is in food flavours. She has a depth knowledge on international food additive and ingredients regulations from working with her clients and she has been able to give advice to numerous companies in this area.


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